About us


Lucky Living is a leading private luxury real estate developer in Thailand.

Lucky Living announced its arrival and ambitions in the hospitality industry when it launched Thailand’s award winning and first Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Bangkok in 2010. Inspired by the achievement in the hospitality industry, we have since diversified into the residential condominium space and have executed a series of high-end & luxury condominiums under our LIV@ brand, and have recently completed in 2020 our first premier high-rise luxury development called CELES Asoke.

We are led by an experienced team of professionals from Singapore and Thailand with a combined industry knowledge of over 50 years. We leverage on our strong capital base and extensive experience to identify leading designers, contractors and project execution teams to deliver quality properties in Thailand.


“To continuously create inspiring and functional designs for unparalleled living spaces & deliver an effortlessly managed real estate investment for generations” - Your Life Your Legacy


Uncompromising Location

We are relentless in our pursuit of only centrally located real estate. We believe that with prime real estate, we are able to create wealth over time and a legacy for future generations.

Uncompromising Design

We pride ourselves as messengers of superior & unique designs. We create flowing spaces through combinations of exterior facades, interior designs and landscapes at our developments. We collaborate with leading designers to offer a superior lifestyle solution.

Uncompromising Spaces

Our residents are at the heart of the spaces we create. We provide not only spaces, but 'living spaces.' Complementing our locations and designs, we pay special detail to the common areas we create at our developments.

Uncompromising Attention to Detail

From selection of materials at development stage to fully furnished options and prop services at project completion, our hands on management approach is able to maintain high standards in all processes of our developments.

Uncompromising Value

We provide competitive real estate without compromising on all of our other promises.

Uncompromising Transparency

We have an uncompromising passion for superior design and exquisite craftsmanship. We embrace the philosophy of “what you see, is what you get” and ensure that every client will be delivered specifications and finishes as we have promised.